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Ever been bored and found yourself surfing the Internet for pointless things to entertain yourself or maybe to help cheer you up? Welp, me being me, I love to find funny, crazy, pointless things that make me laugh, cheer me up or just to pass the time. Between random Google keyword searches, You Tube, social media sites, Reddit and the Urban Dictionary, I stay with tears in my eyes.

With that said, I just wanted to share and spread some smiles with you today! Smile because you’re beautiful with your feisty, silly, corky, talkative, spirited, energetic Regularly Irregular Woman!!! Remember whatever adjective you are….. it is BEAUTIFUL!!! So smile!

Random Urban Dictionary Definitions: Love how they use the word in sentences!

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Pay close attention to the bullet points!  Picture1




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Google Keyword Searches:

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Just having some light-hearted fun! Hope you have a wonderful day!

With that… I say Adios!
An Irregular Woman


Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

So, my hiatus is over! Yes, I’ve been hiding under a rock and I have finally found the light! Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hal-leujah-a-a-a. For the last few months, life has had me by the throat and finally I kicked it in the face and broke free.images

Since you last heard from me, I’ve been pregnant, had a baby, completed my Master’s and now attempting to balance motherhood, being a wife, having a social life, work and travel, and staying healthy, fit and happy-with happy being the most difficult. Ever try to balance a book, jug of water, or just anything heavy on your head? Yes, I said jug of water. I tried to do that when I was little but always dropped it. Don’t deny that you haven’t tried before. Welp, that’s how I currently feel trying to balance everything on my plate. Life is a heavy weight but guess what by the end of this I’ll be a body builder with MUSCLES FOR DAYSSSSSS! 

You may be asking why I titled this post “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself.” As life attempted to body slam me, I have learned several little lessons on the way to the wrestling ring floor. With these lessons, I have grown as a person and continue to grow. Many of these little lessons hurt like h*** ( like the beatings you got from your parents when you tried to run or hide somewhere and that just further pissed them off). I got a few black eyes and burses on the way to the ring floor but they were lessons I needed to learn.

Once upon a time, I use to be sidewalk where I would give my all to my friends, family and loved ones and what would they do…walk all over me. If they hurt me, I would give them the benefit of the doubt hoping they would change. If they used me, I would allow it to happen because I figured they must be going through something difficult and I’m that person to help. I just gave, gave, gave my all and everything to everyone. How did that leave me……. hollow, tired, used and unhappy. Then, my wonderful husband came along and taught me a lesson. “Yes, Cassandra you can treat people how you want to be treated but you will continue to be used. Some people are just takers and will never learn to give like you.” I doubted him and said he knew nothing and I know people will give when I need it. They WILL reciprocate my actions towards them.

Welp, through my journey trying to conceive, getting pregnant, having Marlee and life now, scopriopeople have come and gone and showed me their true colors. I have gained, lost and were in limbo with many different people. My husband’s words constantly echo in my head. Through my trials and tribulations I learned that I cannot give my all anymore. I’m a Scorpio and we are extremely hot headed but are passionate and loyal. I’m a true Scorpio in every way possible. But, through life’s body slams I have seen the light and am now listening to what it’s trying to tell me. “I can’t give me ALL to everyone I meet. They must be worthy of it and not willing to take advantage of me. Most importantly, to enter my inner circle they should want to reciprocate my action and feeling without second guessing.”

Take the lesson I have learned and try to apply it to yours. Are you a giver or just a taker? If you are a giver, are you being misused? If you are taker, think about doing something nice to your givers and make it a habit to just appreciate them for who they are. Everyone can’t be a giver or a taker; it’s a balance of life. Please don’t be the one that takes, takes takes or just gives, gives, gives and messes up the balance. Reintroduce yourself to life, just like me.

Hola, I’m Cassandra! I’m NOT a 5’7 drop dead gorgeous woman with legs for days, long wavy hair and dreamy eyes you need to map to navigate through. I’m a 27 year old 5’1 (plus a half inch) married bi-racial (Puerto Rican & African American) regularly irregular girl from South Carolina via New Jersey (where I was born) now living in Atlanta, GA. Are you confused? Good, that means you can relate to me! One thing you need to know about me is that I’m a giver…but one that will not be taken advantage of anymore. I’ll love and care for you if you love and care for me! #TeamScorpio

What are you?

With that… I say Adios!
An Irregular Woman

A Well Deserved Absence!!

An Irregular Woman’s Dream Comes True

Hi! It’s me again! Yea, I know it has been awhile since my last post but hey things have been happening. I’m a mover and shaker… right?! Welp, if you’ve been sitting under a rock I guess you haven’t heard the news. I’M PREGNANT… 15 weeks to be exact!

 BabyFruit Ticker

I wanted to wait until I was in my second trimester to blog about it- lower risk of miscarriage. But, the hubby and I are super excited! The big man above blessed us with our very own “Red Room of Pain, Laters Baby” baby minus some of that kinky crap! I haven’t even told you the best part, our little buddle of joy was conceived WITHOUT the help of any kind of fertility medicine. The only reason why I even took a pregnancy test was because the doctor advised me to because the next day she was going to start me back on Chlomid. “Hey you Chlomid…. SUCK IT!”

15 weeks Pregnant

It is true, the Lord works in mysterious ways and he blesses us on his terms not ours. I do believe I went through this last year of rough patches to 1) grow my belief in him, 2) build character and 3) grow as a person. I do believe that my struggles have encouraged other irregular women like me, which is the main reason why I even started this blog.

I am thrilled about this amazing new journey that I am embarking on but I refuse to forget where I came from. Trust, looking forward I know I have some trials and tribulations ahead of me but like my last post states, I am going to remain in this calm and tranquil state.

I’ll keep you posted as the journey continues!!

-Until Next Time…

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